Edge Finance Australia


  • Home Loans
    Looking to finance a property anywhere in Australia? Edge Home Loans is Australia's premier Non Bank Lender

  • Fixed Rate Loans
    Fixed rate loans are suitable for borrowers who prefer the comfort of knowing what your loan repayment is going to be each month.

  • Offset Accounts
    One account is your mortgage account and the other being a savings account.

  • Line Of Credit
    You have a preset limit that you can draw against and pay off at will.

  • Lo Doc Loans
    Lo doc loans are available to borrowers who are unable to provide a current tax return or your income is not a true reflection of your current financial status.

  • No Doc Loans
    Some lenders will advance a loan purely based on a client who is in a strong asset position

  • Commercial Loans
    Edge is a commercial property financier.

  • Development Funding
    Property Development Finance Sydney



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